Bill Thomas: LAHS “TIME CAPSULE” contents revealed

At first, some people may think of a tiny, medicinal capsule. Others may envision a capsule as a huge, streamlined, outer-space vehicle.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, in the Los Alamitos High School Career Center, more than 80 guests attended a ceremony for the long-awaited opening of the “TIME CAPSULE.” The attendees included present and former students, their parents, family and friends, teachers, administrators, office clerks and staff.

The meeting area was appropriately decorated especially the front tables with the two very large, colorful banners depicting “LOS ALAMITOS HIGH SCHOOL.”

About 4:OO pm, Los Alamitos High School Principal Mrs. Christina Kraus welcomed everyone to this even; then introduced Dr. Pulver who introduced other members of the Board, District Cabinet Members, and other dignitaries including Board President Chris Forehan.

Mr. Forehan welcomed Mr. Tim Thomas as the “Master of Ceremonies.”

Mr. Thomas is known to have been the elected Senior Class President of the First LAHS Graduating Class of 1970.

The “TIME CAPSULE” Ceremony was masterfully conducted by Mr. Thomas who deftly and with great suspense removed and raised each item for all to see before he or others could examine and read the contents written or printed.

Some items were appropriate sections of older newspapers, letters, or study results. And so, the CONTENTS of the “TIME CAPSULE” have finally been revealed.

This article was written by Bill Thomas.

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  1. What year was the time capsule from? Who created it? Why this specific date to open? What about better description of the contents vs the vague description noted?

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