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Shelley Henderson launched Orange County Breeze online in June 2011 to deliver news of northwest Orange County, California.

Orange County Breeze enables members of those small communities to toot their horns more loudly.

It lengthens the reach of neighborhood news, allowing neighbors to meet neighbors and grow into friends.

It bangs a big drum for worthy causes and whoops about worthy achievements.

Readers asked whether a print edition would follow.

After almost a year of hard work, Shelley was been joined by Guy Cariglio. Together, they planned and carried out a print edition that endured for some time, before Guy decided that he wanted to return to his roots as a blues drummer.

Shelley made the tough decision to kill the print edition — except for our monthly Dining, Arts, and Entertainment guide.

Sometime afterwards, we added our AWESOME community calendar. That was followed by our ASTOUNDING historical almanac — which will grow increasingly more astounding with suggestions for new entries from our readers.

Early in 2019, we began our Sidecar podcast.

With your continued support, the staff members of Orange County Breeze look forward eagerly to banging drums, tooting horns and whooping about all the great things going on in our small communities in northwest Orange County, California.

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