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Abraham (Abe) Rueff convicted of bribery in San Francisco. He was sentenced to fourteen years in San Quentin. Local indignation that he was the only person convicted for political corruption led to a campaign for his early release after serving less than five years. [Sources: California by Kevin Starr, and the Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco.]

From California by Kevin Starr:

The graft trials of late 1906 that eventually sent the scapegoat Ruef to “Q” constitute the grand saga of political reform prior to the Progressive takeover of the state in 1910. Among other events, the prosecutor was shot in court, his assailant was found dead in his cell under suspicious circumstances, and the police chief of San Francisco met a watery end in the Bay under equally mysterious conditions.


Calbraith P. Rodgers lands in Tournament Park in Pasasdena as nearly the last leg of the first transcontinental airplane trip from Sheepshead Bay, New York, on September 17, 1911. He landed in Long Beach to complete the trip on Dec. 10. On April 3, 1912 he crashed into the ocean off Long Beach and died.