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From a 75th anniversary announcement released by Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach:

Established on March 21, 1944 as a U.S. Naval Ammunition and Net Depot, the base has had a long and proud history of stewardship, safety, and support to the Pacific Fleet. Following the end of World War Two the station was placed into a reduced operating status, but was soon reactivated in 1950 at the beginning of the Korean War. Since that time the base has seen the advent of guided missiles and other precision weapons, and supported the Apollo moon rocket program and the creation of the Seal Beach National
Wildlife Refuge.

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach is now the Pacific Fleet’s premier ordnance loading and storage installation, and is the only weapons station port within 1,000 miles of the fleet concentration in San Diego. The base provides munitions for a majority of the fleet’s surface ships, and services approximately 40 U. S. Navy vessels annually.


Alcatraz Island, the federal penitentiary in San Francisco Bay, California, closes. [Source:]