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Calbraith P. Rodgers lands in Tournament Park in Pasasdena as nearly the last leg of the first transcontinental airplane trip from Sheepshead Bay, New York, on September 17, 1911. He landed in Long Beach to complete the trip on Dec. 10. On April 3, 1912 he crashed into the ocean off Long Beach and died.


Owens River aqueduct brings water to the San Fernando Valley. [Source: California: A History by Kevin Starr.] Although northern Orange County is blessed with a large groundwater basin, it is still dependent on imported water from the State Water Project, the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and the Colorado River. Imported water is purchased through the Metropolitan Water District of Los Angeles. The state of the groundwater basin is closely monitored by the Orange County Water District (OCWD). As of November 2017, after a record-breaking rainy season the prior year, OCWD reports that the groundwater storage level is slightly above this time last year but at 38% is well below capacity. The basin is being actively recharged. Pumping from the basin is down 32% compared to the same time last year. [Sources: Golden State Water Company and Orange County Water District.]