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Founding of pueblo San José de Guadalupe on southern edge of San Francisco Bay.


Robert L. Duffus, a former editorial writer for the New York Times, died of congestive heart failure at his home in Palo Alto. From California: An Island on the Land by Carey McWilliams (1946):

“If ever there was anything resembling communism or fascism in America,” a Californian told R.L. Duffus in June, 1945, “California would be the first to have it,” and it would probably originate in the region south of Tehachapi.

Although born in Vermont, Duffus a B.A. in 1910 and a master’s in 1911 from Stanford University. He worked for a succession of San Francisco newspapers before breaking into journalism in New York City. He worked for the New York Times for 32 years before retiring to Palo Alto. [Source: obituary in the New York Times.]