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The Metropolitan Water District first voted against what was then known as the Feather River Project, a plan by California Gov. Pat Brown to bring water to Southern California and provide flood control to Northern California. The MWD would vote against what became the California State Water Project three more times before finally voting to support the Project on Nov. 1, 1960. [Source: the Sacramento Bee.]


SpaceShipOne piloted by Brian Binnie won the Ansari X prize, which came with $10 million. The prize was for the first privately-built spacecraft to fly into space twice in five days. The award was declared by Rick Searfoss, a former shuttle astronaut and chief judge for the Ansari X Prize, at the Mojave Spaceport. The effort was financed by Paul Allen through Mojave Aerospace Ventures. The design team was led by research aircraft developer Burt Rutan. [Source: Space magazine and]