C.E.H. Wiedel (Page 3)

The publisher of Orange County Breeze — a shadowy figure that few can honestly claim to have spoken with.

To our deeply appreciated subscribers: we apologize if you have not received a copy of our Daily Overnight News Summary (DONS) for the last couple of days. Somehow our email server found itself on a couple of different blacklists. The blacklisting resulted in dozens and dozens and dozens of bounced …continue reading

Early Saturday morning, we updated the software that sends out our Daily Overnight News Summary (DONS). As sometimes (frequently? almost always?) happens with hardware upgrades and software updates, “technical difficulties” arose that resulted in extremely delayed deliver of most copies of Saturday’s DONS. Some copies were not delivered until earlier …continue reading

This morning, with the help of technical support at our Internet Service Provider, we found yet another bug and shot it. This bug was a software incompatibility that resulted in our webserver becoming progressively slower and slower until it finally gives up and stops serving pages. We apologize for the …continue reading