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The publisher of Orange County Breeze — a shadowy figure that few can honestly claim to have spoken with.

We apologize for the spotty availability of this website over the holiday weekend. We migrated to a new technical infrastructure [insert bafflegab and technobabble here] and stumbled into technical difficulties that resulted in the website being unavailable off and on for extended periods. As each problem arose, we worked to …continue reading

We are always reviewing the technical infrastructure that supports Orange County Breeze. Lately, that has become more acute due to intermittent outages caused by… technical difficulties. A tongue-in-check technical description might run “The webserver gets wedged so badly that the dedicated hardware has to be whupped upside the head.” This …continue reading

The City of Orange Hearing Loss Association of America chapter will welcome a four-legged guest at its Saturday, February 2, 2019 morning meeting. Jennifer Dentino, an instructor at two training facilities (Jump Start and Courteous Canines) will share her wealth of experience in canine training, including training deaf dogs – …continue reading

Our flagship website, oc-breeze.com, has been experiencing intermittent outages recently. We are currently working behind-the-scenes to correct the problem. Meantime, if you see try to visit oc-breeze.com and are “timed out” please send an email to [email protected] so that we can feed some Tums to the website and get it …continue reading

Plans for Orange County’s first modern streetcar took several important steps forward this week when the OCTA Board of Directors approved a series of actions to help facilitate the design and construction of the project. At its meeting on Monday, the actions of the Orange County Transportation Authority board, included: …continue reading

The Anaheim Free Health Fair includes free wellness checks, dental cleanings, hearing tests, vision screenings, and voluntary marrow donor sign-ups. Free medical, dental and vision services ­­and more will be offered at Anaheim’s annual health fair, taking place this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center. The health screenings and services …continue reading