Robin Itzler

Columnist, speaker and author, Robin Itzler has been involved in marketing and communications for more than 35 years. Her Marketing and More columns in the Orange County Breeze often blend marketing, politics and motivation to offer unique perspectives about topical headline issues. Her articles have also appeared in other publications including American Thinker online and Jewish Life of Orange County magazine.

Currently, she is on the executive board of the California Federation of Republican Women with responsibility for the organization’s quarterly newsletter that is read by 10,000+ members. Robin also handles publicity for several Republican Women Federated local clubs as well as the City of Orange Hearing Loss Association of America chapter.

A former NASD licensed securities representative, Robin once served as president of the Animal Assistance League of Orange County. She and her husband Larry own Royal Care Pet Sitting, serving pet parents throughout northwest Orange County. Having originated Market My Words for Pet Sitters International World magazine, Robin remained a regular contributor for several years. As the former editor in chief of Toastmasters International Founders’ District, Robin’s articles and newsletters were read by members in 180+ clubs.

Although legally deaf, the former New Yorker Robin has one word for anyone who doubts her abilities: Fuggedaboutit!

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