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featured graphic for the gift of a banner to the 79th SSC from McAuilffe Middle School students. Photo of a detail of the banner courtesy of 79th SSC.

An eighth-grade history classes at McAuliffe Middle School in Los Alamitos recently presented 2 military banners to Lt. Col. Lewis Knapp of the 79th Sustainment Support Command (SSC). The banners consist of hand-drawn pictures and sentiments from the students to military personnel stationed at the base. They will be displayed …continue reading

Due to an overcrowded schedule, the judge in the case against the City of Los Alamitos (“Citizens for Fair Trash Contract vs. City of Los Alamitos”) has postponed the hearing scheduled for today. The new date will by July 1. The first hearing in the case resulted in a favorable …continue reading

featured graphic for Cypress School District

Yesterday, on a majority vote and for only the second time in twenty-years, the Democrat-led California legislature approved a state budget. Cities and schools will feel further pain, mostly from accounting gimmicks that juggle state payment obligations at their expense. Those gimmicks bridge the last $9.6 billion gap to get …continue reading

From Seal Beach-Los Alamitos Patch: JFTB commander transferred Redistricting maps From the Orange County Register: Dedola Global Logistics in Los Alamitos celebrates an anniversary First and second story about a man who lit himself on fire in La Palma Another take on redistricting …continue reading

The map illustrating this post shows the proposed “CSTIV” district. Los Alamitos and Rossmoor are lumped in with either coastal cities (Seal Beach, Huntington Beach) or much larger inland cities (Costa Mesa). Los Alamitos and Rossmoor have more in common with Cypress and Stanton than with Irvine and Costa Mesa! …continue reading

The first round of proposed new California Assembly and Senate districts have been released by the non-partisan California Citizens Redistricting Commission. The map illustrating this post shows the proposed “WSTAN” district (no numbers have been assigned yet). The first thing that I noticed was that the district crosses into Los …continue reading