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The recent uptick in crime has left many Californians questioning the safety of our state. From blatant smash-and-grab robberies to criminals assaulting people in broad daylight, it’s hard to remember a time when California wasn’t plagued by such violent lawlessness. Governor Newsom and his supermajority have aggressively rolled back many …continue reading

Top Ten Stories for July 17 through July 23 include a CHP sobriety checkpoint, COVID in OC, and Los Alamitos Unified School District enrollment. Top Ten Stories for July 17 through July 23 are the most-read stories at Orange County Breeze over the last week (excluding weather forecasts and events): …continue reading

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Last year, I wrote an editorial about my concerns that the dysfunction on the Los Alamitos Unified School District (LAUSD) board of education and their agenda with ethnic studies, social justice standards, and socially inclusive instruction that many believe include critical race theory (CRT) could lead to reputational damage, declining …continue reading

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Dear Editor: Anti-Asian hate crimes increased in California by 177% in 2021 and we need someone in Congress who will fight to keep Asian communities safe in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Congresswoman Michelle Steel has proposed bi-partisan resolution condemning Anti-Asian hate crimes, voted in support of the COVID-19 Hate …continue reading

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Dear Editor: Since Joe Biden became President and Democrats took full control of Congress, border security has been ignored. Our Southern Border is wide open, allowing for human trafficking, fentanyl, and dangerous cartel members to enter our country illegally. I am further disappointed in Democrat candidate Jay Chen for failing …continue reading