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The Top Ten Stories for March 22 through March 28 were the most read stories at Orange County Breeze over the last week (excluding weather forecasts): Four suspects arrested in kidnapping and murder of Long Beach baby OC Democrats call for enforced childhood vaccinations Multi-agency critical-incident response exercise to be …continue reading

In September 2014, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released its annual assessment of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, noting that levels had reached a record high. According to the WMO, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 2013 was 142 percent of what it was in 1750, before …continue reading

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Yesterday, on a majority vote and for only the second time in twenty-years, the Democrat-led California legislature approved a state budget. Cities and schools will feel further pain, mostly from accounting gimmicks that juggle state payment obligations at their expense. Those gimmicks bridge the last $9.6 billion gap to get …continue reading