OCB Sidecar Podcast

Hello and welcome!

OCB Sidecar aims to help you to get to know more about what makes the crossroads of northwest Orange County remarkable.

Your host is Shelley Henderson, editor of Orange County Breeze. She has lived in northwest Orange County for close to forty years, and in California for most of her life.

The OCB Sidecar podcast will provide insights into how to get more from living, working, attending school, and enjoying entertainment in northwest Orange County.

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The OCB Sidecar podcast is hosted by Shelley Henderson, editor of Orange County Breeze. The podcast is written and produced by Katie Wiedel. Audio processing is provided by Creative Media Recording. Logo artwork by bethmarie, a.d.

OCB Sidecar has launched!
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Schedule of published OCB Sidecar topics

Below is a list of topics that can be heard on published OCB Sidecar. If you are interested in participating either as an advertiser or by being interviewed, please email [email protected].

  • Episode 1 – Americana Awards (published 20190223)
  • Episode 2 – Pi Day (published 20190321)
  • Episode 3 – Spring Cleaning (published 20190426)
  • Episode 4 – Safe for Summer (published 20190601)
  • Episode 5 – Fall Festival Fun (published 20190807)
  • Episode 6 – Orange County Bucketlist (published 20191130)
  • Episode 7 – Beauty and Truth against COVID-19 (published 20200324)
  • Episode 8 – Cypress Recreation and Community Services (published 20200814)