AB 5

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Across Orange County and Los Angeles waters, cargo ships are overpacked into ports, publicly displaying the backlog in transportation and clogged commerce across the world. Overall demand is significantly higher than the ability of production, leading to backlog and inflation. For example, a major break in transportation comes from the …continue reading

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Recently, I explored Emily Hibard’s grandfather’s business being forced to sell their old functional trucks to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations. With over 80 container ships sitting idly at the Los Angeles ports, the lack of trucks was one part of the problem. But there are many more government-created issues …continue reading

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On Monday, August 31, 2020, the California legislature approved Assembly Bill 2257 which granted additional occupations including photographers, translators, and musicians exemptions from Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), allowing them to continue operating as independent contractors. AB5 imposed strict new rules governing independent contract work in California and leaving thousands of …continue reading

featured graphic for Cynthia Tracker, candidate for California Assembly District 65 during COVID-19

Cynthia Thacker, Conservative Republican candidate filed to run for California State Assembly in the 65th district, wants Assembly Bill 5 overturned by the liberal Sacramento legislature. Overturning AB 5 would enable unemployed gig employees to work again. In 2019, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and the legislature, with broad support from organized …continue reading