COVID-19 relief

Cover art for OCB's 2021 November Dining, Arts, and Entertainment guide.

While pulling together the Top Ten Stories list on Sunday, April 10, I realized that I have neglected monthly, quarterly, and yearly Top Ten Stories. The last monthly Top Ten Stories article was for September 2021. As part of catching up, here is a list of the Top Ten Stories …continue reading

featured graphic for Lou Correa, Democratic Congressman for the 46th District in California, during COVID-19

Congressman Lou Correa (CA-46) voted to pass the American Rescue Act, a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that provides immediate assistance to millions of American families. In addition to $1,400 cash stimulus payments, the American Rescue Act provides families with up to $300 a month in cash per child by expanding Child Tax Credit for 27 million …continue reading

southern california edison

Utility scams have existed for decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic created widespread opportunities for con artists posing as utility representatives to target customers. This year alone, customers report being victimized for nearly $300,000 by these scams. Here are a couple of examples: COVID-19 Relief Scam: This new scam involves impostors …continue reading

Harley Rouda

In addition to providing COVID-19 relief to small businesses and working families, Congress’ Omnibus Appropriations Agreement for Fiscal Year 2021 includes several provisions led by Congressman Harley Rouda (CA-48). These provisions prioritize local water projects, reduce aircraft noise, and protect the rights of long-term Vietnamese immigrants. “This bill is too …continue reading