With the unemployment rate at 6% and around 32% of the population fully vaccinated, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the States That Are Recovering the Quickest From COVID-19, as well as accompanying videos and audio files. To identify the states that are having the most successful …continue reading

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California agencies failed to plan effectively, failed to prepare, and failed to respond quickly or at all to the pandemic, a new report from the Independent Institute shows. Click here to read the report: The Golden Fleece Award for COVID-19 Failures in California When government agencies did respond, they found …continue reading

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El Pollo Loco, Inc. (“El Pollo Loco” or “Company) (Nasdaq: LOCO), the nation’s leading fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain, today announced the launch of its “Strong Like A Madre” Mother’s Day grant initiative to recognize, celebrate and support Greater Los Angeles area moms who had to put their career and personal …continue reading

Did you know undocumented and mixed status California families have been excluded from thousands of dollars in federal aid during the pandemic, even though they are deeply integrated into our communities, workplaces, and schools? Undocumented Californians are also shut out of most other supports, including the federal Earned Income Tax …continue reading


California is struggling to recover from new unemployment claims, with last week’s claims higher than at the start of 2020, according to WalletHub’s updated rankings for the States Whose Unemployment Claims Are Recovering the Quickest, along with accompanying videos and audio files. Key Stats: Weekly unemployment claims in California increased …continue reading

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Today, the Assembly Health Committee approved Assembly Bill 1038, authored by Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson), which will create the California Health Equity Fund. AB 1038, and an accompanying one-time $180 million General Fund budget request, will provide first-of-its-kind funding to support community-based initiatives working toward addressing the devastating health …continue reading

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With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly in sight, analyses are now being published about the varied responses by the individual States to the pandemic. In particular, Hamilton Place Strategies has published a report looking jointly at two important indicators in order to rank States’ pandemic response: job loss …continue reading

Seal of the Governor and photo of Gavin Newsom courtesy of the Office of the Governor of the State of California.

Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that he has signed legislation to create a statewide policy for the rehiring of workers laid-off by the pandemic, bolstering the state’s efforts to ensure an equitable recovery from the pandemic. SB 93 requires employers in the hospitality and business services industries, including hotels, airports …continue reading

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During his time of pandemic-excused one-man rule (aided and abetted by a State Legislature able but unwilling to set aside his emergency powers), California Governor Gavin Newsom issued orders that gutted the State’s economy and squashed public assemblies of all kinds. Even at-home religious observance (for example, Bible study) were …continue reading

Seal of the Governor and photo of Gavin Newsom courtesy of the Office of the Governor of the State of California.

As California surpasses a major milestone in the fight against COVID — administering more than 20 million vaccine doses, including 4 million in the state’s hardest-hit communities, and with hospitalizations continuing to steadily decline — Governor Gavin Newsom today outlined the state’s next step in the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, moving …continue reading

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As more individuals across the U.S. become eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, there is still widespread confusion about how to secure and prepare for an appointment. With eligibility requirements and sign-up processes differing by state and county, it can be difficult to keep track of current information. Below are …continue reading