District Attorney Todd Spitzer

featured graphic for Pete Hardin for Orange County District Attorney during COVID-19

On the last day of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Pete Hardin was joined by survivors of crime in calling on DA Todd Spitzer to immediately meet with the families of Orange County’s deadly mass shooting. “I’m increasingly concerned that we have a District Attorney who won’t miss an opportunity …continue reading


California law supported by voters permits the District Attorney to seek death if the aggravating factors substantially outweigh the mitigating factors. Civilized society has spoken loud and clear about the pursuit of the death penalty for premeditated murderers whose crimes meet the criteria established by the penal code and weighed …continue reading


District Attorney Todd Spitzer took the oath of office in the Memorial Hall at Chapman University, signalling a new era of prosecutorial ethics, transparency and reform in Orange County. Public officials, business leaders, law enforcement, prosecutors, investigators and staff of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as well as over …continue reading