featured graphic for opinion piece jumping off from historical documentary "Berlin: Symphony of a Great City" asking whether the United States will follow a path similar to that of Weimar Germany in the 1920s. View of Berlin is a still shot from the silent documentary by Walther Ruttmann.

Robin Itzler, a longtime contributer to Orange County Breeze, has a thoughtful piece published at American Thnkger titled “Could ordinary Americans embrace socialism?” Here’s how the piece opens: Flipping channels to get away from the day’s depressing news, Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt) was …continue reading

featured graphic for KCET during COVID-19

The new documentary THE WEST IS BURNING premiering next month in Southern California on KCET, examines the history of forest management and litigation to raise awareness of the current conditions of forests in the western U.S. As summers get hotter, longer and drier, catastrophic megafires – wildfires that decimate over …continue reading

With reviews calling it “Explosive” (Newsweek) and “Revolutionary” (Daily Wire), America’s Forgotten, the stunning new documentary on illegal immigration, by award winning filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral releases today for nationwide streaming. America’s Forgotten follows the stories of various individuals who experienced immense hardships and even death due to illegal immigration. …continue reading

A new feature length documentary about maverick journalist Robert Scheer will close the 8th Annual San Pedro International Film Festival on October 6th at the historic Warner Grand Theatre*, according to Festival Director Ziggy Mrkich ROBERT SCHEER – ABOVE THE FOLD is a rewind through Scheer’s journalistic and activist career; …continue reading