illegal immigration

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Did you know undocumented and mixed status California families have been excluded from thousands of dollars in federal aid during the pandemic, even though they are deeply integrated into our communities, workplaces, and schools? Undocumented Californians are also shut out of most other supports, including the federal Earned Income Tax …continue reading

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Top Ten Stories for October 2020 include unemployment, CHP activity near Los Alamitos, and Lou Correa on Amy Coney Barrett. The Top Ten Stories for October 2020 were the most read stories at Orange County Breeze over the month of November 2020 (excluding weather forecasts and events): Unemployment benefits paid …continue reading

With reviews calling it “Explosive” (Newsweek) and “Revolutionary” (Daily Wire), America’s Forgotten, the stunning new documentary on illegal immigration, by award winning filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral releases today for nationwide streaming. America’s Forgotten follows the stories of various individuals who experienced immense hardships and even death due to illegal immigration. …continue reading

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After President Trump signed legislation that provides three weeks of funding for the federal government, Dana Rohrabacher’s replacement, Rep. Harley Rouda (D-CA48) issued the following statement: Today, Representative Harley Rouda (CA-48) released the following statement after the House and Senate passed legislation to re-open the government and end the longest …continue reading