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Across Orange County and Los Angeles waters, cargo ships are overpacked into ports, publicly displaying the backlog in transportation and clogged commerce across the world. Overall demand is significantly higher than the ability of production, leading to backlog and inflation. For example, a major break in transportation comes from the …continue reading

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Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) released the following statement after a federal judge from the U.S. Southern District Court recently issued a temporary ruling against enforcing Assembly Bill 5 on independent truck drivers and motor carriers. This temporary ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by the California …continue reading

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Members of the California Senate Republican Caucus voted against Assembly Bill 5 which would threaten the livelihoods of many California independent contractors. AB 5 undercuts workers’ freedom in many industries to choose independent work and threatens their employment status. The author of AB 5 offered carve-outs for several well-connected professions …continue reading

Orange County independent contractors and business owners gathered at the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce to ask state legislators to support additional changes to Assembly Bill 5 by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez that will encompass a more holistic solution to address today’s workforce. Many independent contractors want or need the …continue reading