Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector

Thursday is the final day for homeowners and small businesses to pay base property tax without penalty and complete and submit the COVID-19 penalty cancellation request form if they have been directly affected by COVID-19. The Governor’s Executive Order provides for penalty cancellations for certain homeowners and small businesses that …continue reading

Taxpayers can start making in-person property tax payments by cash, check or credit/debit card starting June 22 at the County’s Service Center. COVID-19 restrictions will be in place including physical distancing measures limiting the number of people allowed inside the County Service Center with the overflow outside in a shaded …continue reading

State law governs when property taxes are due and payable, and Treasurer-Tax Collector (Treasurer) is not authorized to change the April 10 deadline. We suggest that you “Stay Home, Stay Safe and Pay Online” using our no cost eCheck (bank account) payment option that provides same day credit and an …continue reading