Seal of the Governor and photo of Gavin Newsom courtesy of the Office of the Governor of the State of California.

Governor Gavin Newsom today took action to lift pandemic executive orders as the state moves Beyond the Blueprint (pdf) next week to fully, safely reopen. That includes terminating the Stay-at-Home Order that was implemented early in the pandemic to protect Californians and retiring the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Effective …continue reading

featured graphic for Hamilton Place Strategies during COVID-19

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly in sight, analyses are now being published about the varied responses by the individual States to the pandemic. In particular, Hamilton Place Strategies has published a report looking jointly at two important indicators in order to rank States’ pandemic response: job loss …continue reading

Top Ten Stories for April 11 through April 17 include real estate fraud, a book sale, and returning Summer Concerts. Top Ten Stories for April 11 through April 17 are the most-read stories at Orange County Breeze over the last week (excluding weather forecasts and events): Torrance man and his …continue reading

featured graphic for We Draw the Lines California Citizens Redistricting Commission during COVID-19

Join the California Citizens Redistricting Commission for a Redistricting Basics presentation with a live question and answer period. CRC Redistricting Basics Presentation Tuesday, April 20, 2021 2 to 3 p.m. Live streamed at: WeDrawTheLinesCA.org Let us know you’re coming: https://www.facebook.com/events/446282249800562 Join us to find out: What is redistricting? What is …continue reading

featured graphic for Long Beach Republican Women Federated during COVID-19

With masks and social distancing remaining in place, Long Beach Republican Women Federated will welcome members and guests to its Saturday, April 10, 2021 breakfast meeting. Orange County GOP Executive Director Randall Avila is the featured speaker who will share his views about how Orange County can increase its Republican …continue reading

featured graphic for opinion piece jumping off from historical documentary "Berlin: Symphony of a Great City" asking whether the United States will follow a path similar to that of Weimar Germany in the 1920s. View of Berlin is a still shot from the silent documentary by Walther Ruttmann.

Robin Itzler, a longtime contributer to Orange County Breeze, has a thoughtful piece published at American Thnkger titled “Could ordinary Americans embrace socialism?” Here’s how the piece opens: Flipping channels to get away from the day’s depressing news, Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt) was …continue reading

featured graphic for West Orange County Republican Women Federated

West Orange County Republican Women Federated is proud that throughout the pandemic, they continued holding monthly meetings. From Zoom to backyards, members gathered and remained informed about local, state and national events. As California started reopening the club moved its March 20 meeting to a local venue with guest speaker …continue reading