Scott Baugh

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The following article was released by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Voters in red-state Kansas resoundingly voted to protect their access to abortion. Don’t tell the national Republicans who claim “abortion isn’t the winning issue Democrats think it is.” This is a warning to CA-47 congressional candidate Scott Baugh, who consistently …continue reading

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The recent uptick in crime has left many Californians questioning the safety of our state. From blatant smash-and-grab robberies to criminals assaulting people in broad daylight, it’s hard to remember a time when California wasn’t plagued by such violent lawlessness. Governor Newsom and his supermajority have aggressively rolled back many …continue reading

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Congressional candidate Scott Baugh (R-CA47) praised Judge Robert Summerhays of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana for his ruling halting the Biden administration’s plans to lift public health directive Title 42. “The Border Patrol has apprehended 900,000 migrants at the border since October. In March, 221,303 …continue reading