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featured graphic for California State Legislative Analyst's Office

The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed state unemployment to record highs. Alongside recent federal actions, the state may want to explore options to expand assistance to unemployed workers. Expanding assistance to unemployed workers could mitigate financial hardship for unemployed workers and, in some cases, provide statewide economic stimulus. In this post, …continue reading

Anecdotal evidence of widespread layoffs is now confirmed as initial unemployment claims shoot skyward in response to COVID-19. Here is an eye-popping chart from Calculated Risk: The horizontal axis represents time, beginning with January 1971. The vertical axis represents the number of initial weekly unemployment claims. The blue vertical bars …continue reading

The economy is booming, but that doesn’t mean companies don’t have layoffs. A division could be closing, stores or units might be merging, a product could be phasing out, or headquarters is relocating to a low tax state (such as Mitsubishi Motors of North America leaving Cypress for Nashville). Layoffs …continue reading