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While we continue to study and gather data about the second-order impacts of COVID-19, it is becoming clear that the pandemic exacerbated risk factors for falls among older adults like physical inactivity. For this reason, it is vital for older adults to know that support is available that can help …continue reading

For approximately 5 million people each year, wisdom-teeth removal is part of the rite of passage into adulthood. But for some, wisdom-teeth extraction represents a first exposure to opioids, and a recent study from Stanford University found that teens can end up in a battle with these medications after the …continue reading

A sore throat. A headache. Body aches. A persistent cough. We’ve all had those symptoms and it’s easy to immediately chalk it up to a common cold. But what if it’s a more serious virus, like the flu? Last year’s widespread influenza season was the longest in 10 years, lasting …continue reading