wildfire season

featured graphic for Off the Grid — Feeding the Community with Care

Off the Grid (OTG), the Bay Area’s premier food truck and catering experience company, is preparing Orange County for wildfire season well before disaster strikes. The company is bringing its award-winning Food Responders program to Orange by partnering with local restaurants, food trucks, catering businesses and food purveyors to feed …continue reading

Climate change is a public health emergency. Longer and more severe wildfire seasons due to rising global temperatures produce harmful smoke with far-reaching health impacts. In 2020, there was 57,000 wildfires in the U.S. that resulted in over 10.3 million acres burned, compared with 4.7 million acres in 2019.Smoke exposure …continue reading

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The 2020 California wildfire season may go down as one of the most destructive in history and while nearly 70% of Americans say they are concerned about weather-related disasters, less than half have a disaster plan, and 44% say they’re not sure how to prepare for wildfires.[1] Preparing for wildfires …continue reading